Premier League Is Back! Thoughts ? Predict likely Winner.

Premier League

Football lovers are on their groove as the major football competition, the English Premier league is back this Weekend! Many definitely can not wait to grasp the view of this amazing sport on their television screens and start off the argumentative takes online.

One can say , authoritatively, football has been holding it down for many in terms of personal interest , passion. And entertainment ‘lean-on’ . So to say this major league is back , would be a huge deal and the excitement can not be over emphasized. 

Major player signings were made in between clubs , and most clubs had a huge change in squad , which should definitely effect in this season’s Premier League ; new faces in the English League -Halaand , Nunez , Martinez ….. many more and the switch between English teams - Lingard , Cucurella ……. 

No doubts, there has been the front runner teams , but with different signings across the teams , who do you project as the likely winner of the premier league this season ? 

And also who are your top 4 teams for the league at the end of the season ? 

Your View?

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Your View?

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