NFTs : ‘y00ts’ - Hybridizing Blockchains ; New Meta For NFTs

 With the popularization of NFTs as a ‘sub-space’ in cryptocurrency last year, one would say a whole has changed in the space. 

From onboarding of new ‘faces’ and phases to the crypto world to decentralization that the web3 stabilized. 
A great rise in NFT projects that have launched on several blockchains, But , it’s no brainer that the two major blockchains in the NFTs space at the moment is the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.  

With many projects launching on both blockchains,,, 

 Degods,  …..……  An ‘OG’ Solana project that launched in 2021 by a ‘serial’ social experimenter, ‘Frank’ - An household name in the web3 space. 

This project has proven its worth due to the dexterity by the team behind it. 

Beyond that, Owner of Degods Collection, frankdegods, further proves his worth and diligence in the NFT community by coming up with a new collection, called ‘y00ts’ . 

What is ‘y00ts’ bringing ? 

One would recall, if you’ve been an active participant of the NFT community that there has not been a major collaboration or relativity between the two major blockchains. Frank bridged both blockchains with the news of the new ‘y00ts’ collection. 

New meta for the solana NFT space - also , before the y00ts, the whitelist selection process has been an issue as to no basic of really selection deserved personalities for various projects, but now ? Frankdegods came up with the scholarship process of whitelisting, enabling project founders to carefully select deserving applicants for their projects. 

y00ts NFT

- you can apply for ‘y00ts NFT scholarship HERE

It’s No doubt, the y00ts NFT is coming for a new dawn in the NFT world. 

Thank you for checking in - ‘Drey

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