Exclusive Ep Review : Reekado Banks - OTR, Vol 2

After a long hiatus, Afropop singer, Reekado Banks came back to the music scene with a hit song ‘Ozumba Mbadiwe’ , one can’t doubt! It is a good comeback. 

Ep Review : Reekado Banks - OTR, Vol 2

Reeky baby giving out sweet melodies on ‘Ozumba Mbadiwe’ as well as reminding Nigerians of what the Government did to their citizens! ‘Oct 20, 2020’ ‘End Sars’

Not stopping on the comeback song, Reekado followed up with an Ep titled ‘OTR Vol 2’ - Off The Record. 

How’s it Sounding? Resourceful or just another ‘just there’ project ? 

Tracklist : 

  • Pulling Up
  • Ozumba Mbadiwe 
  • Lupita Nyongo 
  • Selection 
  • Self Esteem 
From ‘Pulling Up’ that’s sounds absolutely like a love song with a realistic sense of handling the situation. ‘Vibes like this can’t be forced keep it light yeah’ , track is a solid 7/10. 

To ‘Ozumba Mbadiwe’, firstly , first class production on the track, S/O to P.Prime. This track, being his comeback after a long hiatus, said it all for him and you can actually relate to the wordings. ‘Oct 20, 2020 , something happen with government’ . Track is 8/10

Also To , ‘Lupita Nyongo’ , Name of Kenyan Actress and Model , obviously one can tell the song is Reeky baby Expressing love desires and comparing the beauty to that of the actress. ‘See As you fine, my Lupita Nyongo’ . 
Words rhythm and production of this song is a masterclass. 
7/10 for this one 

Now to ‘Selection’ , The intro/hook of this song is the best thing for me on the E.p ! Rhymes, Rhythm and Melody are all elements of the intro! 
The flexing Necese, Fendi mowo sese, Mo de le fi Gbese , reeky baby pepper’. 
Straight 9/10

Finally, ‘Self Esteem’ , A proper Afro pop song , good production , good lyrics and fire delivery ! 
6/10 track. 

Cumulative EP Score - 7.4/10

One must say , what Reekado banks do on songs can only be done by him alone or maybe 1 or 2 in Africa 

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