Essence Or Love Nwantiti ? ‘Face Of Afrobeats Liberation’

 No doubts, Afrobeats has had a major worldwide acceptance in the last few months owning to the output of major Nigerian artists. 

We’ve seen many countries , acts of different genres , cultures accept the true sounds originating from the African space, depicting Afrobeats standards. 

Afro pop, Afro soul , Emo Afrobeats , Afro fusion ….. are all Afrobeats births. 

Wizkid’ , ‘Ckay’, those two names are no doubt the loudest sound from Africa to the world at the moment, in relation to their projects doing the unimaginable in the worldwide music industry. 

Wait, Wizkid , yes Starboy , in talking of past, present career achievements , he can not be COMPARED to any African act! FACTS ! But now we’re comparing his recent global domination song to that of Ckay.


Essence Started off its global domination from the acceptance of the song in United States, where popular celebrities danced and vibe to the song. While the Viral Love Nwantiti, by Ckay , made off from the Social media app TikTok.

Essence Has One Remix with Justin Bieber, While Love Nwantiti Has 9 remixes cutting through acts of various countries and genre. Also Essence is a year old while Love Nwantiti is 3 years plus now. 

           Some of the known stats (With Proof) 

Billboard Hot 100 peak

Essence : 9

Love Nwantiti: 31

Units sold worldwide

Essence : 2,000,000 +

Love Nwantiti: 1,000,000+ 

Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart 

Essence : 1 with most weeks on chart 

Love Nwantiti : 2

France Platinum 

Love Nwantiti : Yes 

Essence  : Not Yet 

USA Platinum ( 1 Million Copies Sold)

Essence : Yes 

Love Nwantiti : Not Yet 

USA Gold (500k copies Sold)

Essence : Yes 

Love Nwantiti : Not yet

Spotify Streams Count

Essence :  64 million 

Love Nwantiti :  400 million ( with 5 legal versions)

USA Apple Music Peak 

Essence : 6

Love Nwantiti : 84 

                    More Certifications 


Silver in UK (200,000),

 Platinum in France (200,000), 

Platinum in Canada (80,000), 

Gold in Italy (35,000), 

Gold in NZ (15,000) and Gold in Portugal (5,000)


Platinum in USA (1 million), 

Silver in UK (200,000), 

Gold in Canada (40,000) & Gold in NZ (15,000)


 Essence has more sales, more streams (Apple Music) and BIGGER certifications. However, Ckay's Love Nwantiti has more streams(Spotify) , chart appearances and certifications in more foreign countries. 

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