Actress Regina Daniels And Senator Ned Nwoko Planning Wedding That Will 'Shake Town'

According to SDK, Regina Daniels is set to walk down the aisle with Senator Ned Nwoko in what might be termed ‘the most expensive wedding this year’

Regina Daniels wedding

Insiders told SDK that Regina, 22, “has already shopped for all what she needs for her special day and there are stories floating around that she was gifted a Billion Naira to buy whatever she wants and there is a house in her name in London as well...”

The Senator, 59 is said to be totally smitten with Regina and even behaves like a love struck teen when he is with her. He has 👀 for no one else right now and that is the reason some of his other wives have decided to move on with their lives, angered by all the publicity trailing their relationship. If care is not taken, she will be the only wife with the Senator by the time they wed.
. “The Big wedding is happening soon and there are whispers that it is planned for the month of May (unless it is cancelled)and their stepping out together last weekend as a couple was well timed and well planned.

The actress may have confirmed to some that she is not Married to the Senator,which is correct but ''she is wearing a very expensive diamond engagement ring and allegedly does not want to talk about it until she marries him but she is very proud of him and talks about him and flaunts him around town but not on the social media...”

As soon as the date for the Wedding proper leaks we will inform you all...LOL

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