Fastest Way To Check Caps MarketPlace Whether Other Schools Have Considered You For Admission 2018

Jamb caps marketplace

Jamb Caps Market Place Consideration: This article is about an important issue. The fact is that there is so much concentration on the JAMB caps admission status, candidates inadvertently ignore or pay no attention to other essential features of JAMB caps system.

The fact is that it is very possible to be admitted into an institution you did not choose in JAMB, this is the function of the caps marketplace. JAMB takes notes of your score and distribute it to other schools and other schools might admit you based on that.

Jamb Market Place

JAMB Market place is like the usual market place, but in this case you are the ‘product’ and you are been marketed by JAMB. You may be considered for admission on two criteria: i) how qualified you are ii) and at the discretion of the institution. These institutions are not chosen by you while you were registering for JAMB.

How To Know If You Have Been Considered for Admission In Caps Market-Place Consideration

On the page of the caps market place, this is what is written,’ The following institutions are considering you for admission, click on accept / reject button, to either accept or reject the offer. Please be informed that, accepting the offer does not mean you have been admitted, it simply implies that you have accepted to be be considered for admission by the institution“.’

You are not under compulsion to accept any institution. But if you agree to be considered as a candidate of that institution, you will have to accept the offer.

How To Access Jamb Caps Market Place

 Login to your Jamb profile by  access

Ensure to enter the correct email and password you used to register your Jamb profile.

After successfully logging in, click on the options button ( the button with 3 dash) at the top of the page. Then click CAPS under the admission TAB.

 If the page only shows ‘welcome’, do not be discouraged. Just click on options on your mobile’s browser and change the view of the page to ‘desktop view’. This is why it’s preferably to use a PC.

You’ll see some options listed at the left-hand side. Click on ‘MARKETPLACE’.

That’s all… You will know if you have been considered for admission in any other institution apart from you school of choice.

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