Upcoming Artists: 7 Key Factors You Need To Be Successful(A Must Read)

Many are talented out there, they do it right but instead of getting the gain, they are not still being recognized. Entertainment in today's world is selling big time, majority of youth nowadays are in the entertainment industry.
Many came into the industry because of the 'monetary' thing while other come because of passion. Either ways, some are not getting what they need. There many acts in the industry today that has been there for years but still not known while some came within few years and take over the place. It all depends on how you do your 'thing' that is how you do in there.
 To be successful, you need to get some things done and put some certain in place too.

What Do You Need To Be Successful 

  1. First Is God : Everything you do, every step you take, tell it to God. He is the one that ascertain man's success. There nothing man will do, that God is not aware of. So you need God first to be successful. 
  2. Don't Copy: This is common now, upcoming Artists tends to copy the style, lifestyle of successful artists, thinking they would make it same way he(succesful artist)  did. The answer is NO!  Don't copy anybody's way, because everyone has his own path to follow, "What Works for paul might not work for Peter' . Follow your own way.
  3. Be Loyal: Loyalty is key to successfulness. Be loyal to both old and young, don't brag!  No matter the stage you are! The position you hold! The fame you getting ! Be Loyal. A Loyal leader is loved by his suburbs. 
  4. Focus And Determination  : Major key to success in one's career is focus and determination. Don't deviate from what you do, be consistent, have focus. Focus makes you better in anything you do as an artist, whether you a musician or a comedian , focus is what you need and determination. When your determination is strong, your Success is sure. 
  5. Don't Start With Extravagant Life: As an Upcoming Artist, you don't need to be extravagant. Even though, you getting funds, invest it in yourself. Most of unsuccessful artist now, started with an extravagant lifestyle leaving them bankrupt at the end. Live a moderate life. 
  6. Set A Goal For The Future : Set your own pace. Have plans for your brand as an artist. Know where you intend to be in the nearest future, and lay plans for it. 
  7. Good Management : Major thing that run down you as an artist is bad management. As an artist, you should get a good management that would be able oversee and manage your brand. Referring to football, you know a team with bad coach can't be at the top. So, get a good management. 

Lastly, relax and you will be successful .

Written by Adedeji Dare also Known as Drewiz C.E.O of Dregist

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