Lecture:The Power Of Human Mind

   Human mind is a powerful tool that human has been gifted by God. There are numerous things your mind could actually do without you knowing. Lets see the the power of human mind in this lecture.
   Firstly,lets compare the human mind with this modern device,Computer. Averagely the computer can store about hundred thousands of pictures,twenty thousands of songs and hundreds of videos. Talking about the human mind,it can perform ten quad trillions operation in a second without you knowing. Now ask your yourself this question,what's making your blood flow through your vein with the perfect amount of pressure to keep you alive, what's making your heart beat or are you commanding your heartbeat? No!, what's controlling your body temperature, what's doing the six trillion things to your sixty trillion cells every second, its something called the subconscious mind, its the power house to who you are. But with all the things your subconscious mind can do,it has one limitation and this limitation can actually help or harm you. What is this thing it can't do, it can not distinguish between a real event and what you think of,it seems ridiculous right? What happens when you have a nightmare, you wake up sweating and sometimes breathing heavily. The nightmare existed in your mind and no bad thing really happened but your physiology will react like the nightmare actually take place in real life.
   Lastly,the human mind can be developed. Lets take a look at the Education aspect, the human mind helps to be successful in your Education through constantly assimilating what you have read. The human keeps this in your brain and also helps you recollect when you need it.
Also,talking about what human mind can do, there have been some fictions,talking about some people doing some wonderful(magical) things like obstructing the law of gravity, moving at an uncontrollable speed,move things far way from them. These fictions has been since the days of our forefathers and today. Many filmmakers has done a lot of series pertaining to it. But lets they a look, could it be true or false. It can actually be true because the human mind can actually control some abilities in human being. For instance, when you are asked to do a work but your mind is against it,if you still do the work, it will not be done very well because your mind is not there, same applies to education, anything your teacher teaches you, if your mind is not there you cannot get it.

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