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In 2022, a brand new online money-making platform in Nigeria, invite friends to form a team to earn daily income, monthly salary of 18k-680k, depending on how many users you promote, commission and salary, 40N for registered account, 5% for recharge, reaching 12 active users The reward is 18K salary, and the maximum salary is 680k.

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FC365 is a brand new football investment platform. In order to welcome the 2022 World Cup and increase the popularity of the club, it was invested and established by Liverpool Football Club. Here you can form teams, invite friends to earn profits, and make money by betting on football matches.

Invite a new user to sign up and your account will be increased by 40 naira, if someone tops up, then you will get 5% of his top-up amount, the more he tops up, the more you get.

There are additional salary incentives for reaching 12 active users;

Invite 12 active users per month, salary 18k

Invite 40 active users per month, salary 40k

Invite 80 active users every month, salary 100k

Invite 160 active users per month, salary 190k

Invite 320 active users per month, salary 350k

Click Share to see your invitation link, copy and share this link to your friends or groups, let them register an account, and you can get a bonus if a user registers.

Hurry up and invite your friends to sign up to earn daily income and achieve financial freedom

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