Man Discovers The Wife He Married Is A Man, Two Weeks After Wedding

Man Discovers The Wife He Married Is A Man, Two Weeks After Wedding

An Imam from Kyampisi Village in Kayunga District in Central Uganda is reeling from shock after discovering that the “woman” he married two weeks ago is a man.

The Daily Monitor reports that the husband, Mohammed Mutumba, exchanged marriage vows with Swabullah Nabukeera according to Islamic customs. It has now emerged that 27-year-old Nabukeera, the “wife”, is a man whose real name is Richard Tumushabe.

Mutumba and Nabukeera had not had any sexual intercourse before their wedding.

In the two weeks of their marriage, Nabukeera said she could not have sexual intimacy with Mutumba because “she” was “on her menstrual periods”. Mutumba said he was not in a hurry to sexually know his wife, hence his patience for conjugal rights. .

While waiting for his “wife” to be ready for him sexually, Mutumba was recently shocked when his next-door neighbour told him that he had seen Nabukeera jump over a fence separating their houses, and stole the neighbour’s TV set and clothes.

Mutumba rents a two-roomed house where they had been staying with Nabukeera. However, the wall that separates the two rental rooms did not reach the iron sheets. .

The neighbour reported the case at Kayunga Police Station before detectives were dispatched to arrest Nabukeera.

Kayunga District criminal investigations officer, Isaac Mugera told The Monitor when Nabukeera reached the police station, she was wearing a hijab and sandals. . .
. “As the police’s normal practice, a female police officer, searched the suspect thoroughly before taking ‘her’ to the cells. However, to the shock of the officer, the suspect had stacked clothes in the bra to hoodwink that they were breasts,” said Mugera. “On further search, we discovered that the suspect had male genitals. We quickly informed ‘her’ husband who had escorted her to the police station,” he said. .

Mutumba, who was in disbelief, insisted on seeing his “wife’s” genitals.

On discovering that Nabukeera was a fellow man, Mutumba made an alarm accusing Nabukeera of being a thief.

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