By : Olasoji Olamide

The fundamental questions that Nigeria especially youths needed to ask each other in our day to day activities is - where are we coming from?  what stage are we presently? and Where are we going to?

It is so deplorable that some youths do not know their role as youth and things that are to be done while in your youthful stage.

Youth essentialness in a geographic area that makes up the society cannot be underestimated.

This is a period whereby you will be energized to do things in a glamorous and constructive manner,a stage where everything concocted and excogitated by you will function harmoniously in an operative process.

As youth, can we really substantiate that we are the potential leaders of the nearest future? If yes, what argumentation or maturation have we been able to validate in our society?

 We always kvetch or gripe that our country is bush-league (suboptimal) when we ourselves are making it dilapidated. All we know is to give pretentious instances that our leaders from 1960-till date are the cause of the polemics we are facing, forgetting that the atrocities  we have engrossed ourselves into are more complicating than that which our leaders are doing.

It is so ignominious that youths of this generation find it with all confidence to put into action their immoral ways.They are not even ashamed of exposing their immoral attitudes openly in the society.

Supposing it were to be our forefather's who saw themselves doing  sexual/ immoral things in their dreams , believe me that they will be afraid to share it with their closer friends not to talk of telling the society at large.

I use to imagine,  whether this famous adage is still a valid statement, which says ''youths are the leaders of tomorrow l am skeptical if truly this adage is still certain or not because 75% of this present day youths actions are ungodly and unappreciated and even against the universal law of nature such as cybercrime,Prostitution,thuggery, Robbery and so on.

Even youths that are opportuned to be graduates in higher institution or students will confidently tell you they are doing it because they want to survive because the economic situation of the country is worsen. I see them as fools because they lack knowledge and what makes you to be a relevant person is the amount of the knowledge or skills you have been able to acquire while in school which will make you a solution provider to societal problems.

Instead of this, they have turn out to be a problem provider which makes it difficult to overcome the societal polemics.

To the 21st century cybercrime operator's popularly known as Yahoo Boy,When you even ask them that what prompts you to be an entrepreneur in this business? The ubiquitous and groundless answers that they will give is that "Because of the European master's the colonial masters came to exploit,dehumanize, capitalize, abuse our belongings and our properties were stolen away to their countries.

In response to this,my question is how does that affect you? Why is that your reasoning faculty has not been able to function effectively in order to think in the right manner on how you will exhibit the knowledge you have to be a successful person in this life. Why don't you involve  yourself into entrepreneurial skills so that you can offer the best services or devote your time to think expressly on how you will take Nigeria out of this mess we are into.

Believe me honestly, if care is not taking and if youths are still adamant to adhere to moral laws in centuries, don't be surprise if eventually you see ASO ROCK as a brothel abode in the sense that youths who are addicted to these fraudulent act will want to contest for the presidential race and it will be easier for him to embezzle the government pursue as much as he can because he has already lack contentment right from his youthful age. As a result of this, the existence of commercial sex worker's cannot be underestimated.

 Furthermore, it is vehemently inviolable that for every action,there is consequence that follows. The fact is that an immoral act is always altitudinous than the pleasures you derievd from that actions. Remember that the laws of karma are for real because they are tantamount to the law of nature .

 Friends,let me challenge you with this question;has the money you have been able to acquire makes you richer than Bill Gates or Bishop Oyedepo and others ,if not so,it is better you don't waste your glory and abstain from this evil actions before the wrath falls upon you.

 Don't allow the verdict you will take to profer solutions to the circumstances that surround you affect your future to come negatively. What whatever you be in your future is as a result of the expedient steps you have taken in your youthful stage.

 In the lieu of this, I will propel you to give yourself time to think, to contemplate,to ruminate about your past and set clear future for yourself in order to avoid biting your fingers in regret in the nearest future

                                Some Little Details About The Author

I'm Olamide Olasoji, 300level student of AAUA.
I'm a philosopher in making, a moralist writer and public analyst

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